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Julie Yaxley

Julie Yaxley (MA) is the Irlen Clinic Director at the Krist Samaritan Center. She is both a Diagnostician, who can prescribe specific tints (worn as glasses) for individual clients, and a Certified Senior Irlen Screener, well experienced in selecting overlays to alleviate Irlen difficulties clients experience when reading.

Julie was born in England, but now lives in Houston, Texas. She is a teacher who has experience of teaching the 4 - 18 age range as well as lecturing at University level. She has a passion for utilizing IT to make learning assessable for all and presented at the 12th Irlen International Conference in Houston held during July 2015. Her topic explained how Apps can help support those with Irlen Syndrome in areas such as reading, reading comprehension, writing composition, handwriting and note-taking.

Julie strives to provide an individualized service to clients and provides them with generous appointment times. Please fill out the contact form if you have any further queries.

Julie working with a client