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Why are Irlen tinted glasses needed if an overlay has already been prescribed for reading?
Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing difficulty so connected to the brain not the structure of the eye.
July 18, 2017

Irlen Syndrome in families
Just like Dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome often occurs in families. It is certainly not unusual to have a mom or a dad that accompanies their child to a screening end up with a reading overlay themselves (often to help them work from a computer, where they have particular difficulty).
May 29, 2017

19 year old who suffered a concussion helped read again with overlays
You can be born with Irlen Syndrome or it can be ‘acquired’ by certain medical conditions or concussions that result in typical Irlen symptoms such as light sensitivity, headaches/migraines, difficulty with black on white contrast such as text on a page or patterns.
May 09, 2017

The Irlen Institute

RT @PeterRea_13: @danakim112 I have @SeeIrlen glasses, they help. Sun shining through grey cloud can give me headaches.

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After the Irlen Screening Lucas came home and read 3 books in 10 minutes!!!! It normally takes us at least 10-15 minutes to get through one phonics reader. He was flying through the books and even read one book that he had NEVER seen before with words that had vowel digraphs and sight words I had not even taught him yet. It was just amazing. He was smiling and so happy with himself. He was not moving around or wiggling in his seat. He was tracking without using his finger. I was crying tears of joy!

Mother of 8 year old

Welcome to the Irlen Clinic at the Krist Samaritan Center, Houston! Our mission is to spread awareness of Irlen Syndrome, and alleviate symptoms in those that suffer from this difficulty. We want you to be able to see real stories, and learn about how the Irlen Method has helped a wide variety of populations.


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