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Irlen Syndrome is highly hereditary, watch the distortion video to find out
A Father urges people to watch the video showing print distortions due to Irlen Syndrome
Apr. 20, 2018

‘Symptoms for mommy and eye doctor’ written by an 11 year old girl
She screened positive for Irlen Syndrome (a visual processing difficulty) which often goes undiagnosed - though parents know there is “something not right” when an eye test or Dyslexia Test is negative.
Apr. 06, 2018

Video: Can’t do Glare?
Chrome on cars? Mirrors? Headlights at night? Shiny white page? Reflection off a computer screen? Glare particularly affects those with Irlen Syndrome which is fundamentally a light processing disorder.
Mar. 30, 2018

The Irlen Institute

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Irlen Diagnostician, Jean Felton, from Jersey, UK was interviewed about Irlen Syndrome on BBC radio. Her interview…

Please don't tint your glasses the same color as your Irlen overlay.

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I absolutely will send you a picture of him in his Irlen glasses! Yesterday was by far one of the best experiences in my life being able to witness something so life changing for my child! I can’t thank you enough for your time! You really can’t put a price on this! Best money I have ever spent! Thanks again!

Mom of 14 year old boy

Welcome to the Irlen Clinic at the Krist Samaritan Center, Houston! Our mission is to spread awareness of Irlen Syndrome, and alleviate symptoms in those that suffer from this difficulty. We want you to be able to see real stories, and learn about how the Irlen Method has helped a wide variety of populations.


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