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Please fill out the contact form to enquire about any of the following services.

Irlen Screening (2 hours)

Prior to the session, you will be emailed a background form and a detailed self-test, please bring these with you.

The following will also be useful: A book you/your child is reading that is not too difficult. A sample of writing on lined/unlined paper (not best writing just usual). You may also like to bring some math work on squared paper.

During the Screening we will discuss current difficulties, and do some short activities which are designed to bring on symptoms that occur during reading so they can be observed. If symptoms are present an overlay (clear, plastic sheet) will be sought that can alleviate these difficulties.

This basket holds "visual stress" objects that can be
used to determine if a client has difficulties
looking at patterns.

A summary report will be provided which explains areas to monitor and whether you/your child is a candidate for Irlen Spectral Filters which can be worn all the time so also help with light sensitivity and visual/depth perception in the environment.

Irlen Consultation (1 hour)

This session can be used for a range of services. Such as:

  1. Clients may require a paper color assessment to aid writing and so that a particular color of paper can be recommended for testing. First visual distortions that the client is experiencing will be investigated.

  2. Useful Apps to help alleviate Irlen Difficulties: A range will be demonstrated that are free or low cost to help in areas such as: reading, reading comprehension, writing and handwriting, note taking/making, visual processing aspects of math.

  3. Adaptations to hand held device/laptop: Bring your device and we will work through the ways that it can be made more assessable and easier to use for somebody with Irlen Syndrome.

Irlen Filter Diagnostic (3 hours)

Please consult with Julie Yaxley before this appointment regarding type of tintable lenses and advice on design of frames. You will need to come to the appointment wearing these in your chosen frames if you have a prescription. Otherwise after the assessment the Irlen Institute will provide plano lenses tinted in the correct color.

Please bring with you a book you/your child is reading that is not too difficult. During the assessment a wide variety of colors are explored and a variety of tests undertaken to find the optimal tint for that particular client. The tint will not just aid reading but produce comfort in the environment under different lighting conditions and minimize distortions. Sometimes, when clients are extremely light sensitive they may find they need a second pair of glasses for outside.

Colored tinted lenses provided by others are not the same as Irlen Spectral Filters provided by the Irlen Method. Only certified Irlen Diagnosticians are trained to determine the specific frequencies to optimize performance from an almost limitless selection of filters.

You will receive a summary report detailing areas that should improve when wearing your spectral filters. Any residual areas of difficulty will be discussed, and recommendations made.

Irlen Filter Check (2 hours)

This is available at a reduced price as an annual Filter Check. Sometimes clients find that growth spurts, illnesses or/and medication can affect the color that they need. The tint can also change gradually due to light exposure (just like any other tinted lens) so may become less effective.


The Krist Center offers specialist tutoring in reading, writing, spelling, math and study skills. Clients include those with Dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome, Speech and Language difficulties, Autism and ADHD. We devise an individual program concentrating on areas that the client wishes to improve.


In order to promote Irlen Awareness, the director of the Krist Irlen Clinic will travel in the local area. Please use the contact form to explain details about your organization and the training you require.