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Double Irlen Filter Diagnostic
This weekend a married couple traveled across Texas to see me to get Irlen colored glasses. They previously had a ‘Double Irlen Screening’ and would have been back quicker except the wife had to get Rx tintable glasses made.
Mar. 21, 2018

Video: How do you know if your reading is 'normal'?
15 year old Honors student with Irlen Syndrome describes what it is like for her to read.
Mar. 08, 2018

Irlen Filters help with more than just reading....
I recently received feedback from a mom about how her son's Irlen Filters had changed things for him.
Feb. 27, 2018

The Irlen Institute

@Maboimarki You look awesome! Thanks for spreading the word and wearing them proudly!!

RT @Maboimarki: A cute pic of me! Also im not wearing sun glasses im wearing irlen it

RT @PaddyConsidine: Irlen is very real. If you go to the website some of the info there could help you.

@PaddyConsidine looking fabulous on @lorraine this morning! Thanks for sharing about #IrlenSyndrome

RT @Clairecarter521: New colour, a completely still and defined world, happy girl. @SeeIrlen

Thought you would want to know my son has not taken off his glasses since we received them. He said his eyes and overall feeling of anxiety is way less and he’s looking forward to being able to wear them at school especially to read. Thank you so much for your help!

Mom of 14year old

Welcome to the Irlen Clinic at the Krist Samaritan Center, Houston! Our mission is to spread awareness of Irlen Syndrome, and alleviate symptoms in those that suffer from this difficulty. We want you to be able to see real stories, and learn about how the Irlen Method has helped a wide variety of populations.


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