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Irlen Syndrome makes Handwriting and Organizing Writing difficult
Can Irlen Syndrome (visual processing disorder) make HANDWRITING AND ORGANIZING WRITING difficult? YES! The contrast between the white page and black lines (or text written by the student) can create visual stress and visual distortions such as black lines/text moving or fading into the page.
Aug. 10, 2018

Layering of colors during testing creates precise Irlen Filters
Racquel is 17 years old and came to the Krist Samaritan Irlen Clinic (Houston/Galveston) to get Irlen Filters (colored glasses) to help her when reading. She has Irlen Syndrome which is a visual processing issue (to do with the brain not the eyes).
July 26, 2018

12 year old girl describes her visual processing difficulties in a typed list
We had a 12 year old girl come to the Krist Samaritan Irlen Clinic, Houston/Galveston for Irlen colored glasses. She had previously been diagnosed by us with Irlen Syndrome, which is a visual processing difficulty (so not to do with the eyes but the brain). She had typed out a list of things that she had problems with including “When in a certain light I get a headache, even if I’m not reading”; “Reading sentences that are close together make me want to cross my eyes and scream!”
July 13, 2018

The Irlen Institute

@NiaMarshallLlo1 Language processing problems, such as dyslexia, are different from Irlen Syndrome, which is a visual processing problem.

Irlen Syndrome isn't about what the page looks like, it's about what's going on with the person. Overactivity in th…

When it hurts your head to be in the sun, when you stare at the page and just can't make sense of the jumbled mess…

When a child transforms from "unteachable" to college-bound, the phrase 'life-changing' becomes tangible! Thank you…

Irlen lenses change lives. Cost is no barrier. Color Me Curious.

I wanted to give you some GREAT news! My son’s Irlen glasses came in the day before STAAR testing. He was able to use them for the test and we just found out that he passed his Reading! This is the first time since 4th grade that he has passed it on the first try! We are so excited at the difference these glasses are making already!

Mom of 8th Grade son

Welcome to the Irlen Clinic at the Krist Samaritan Center, Houston! Our mission is to spread awareness of Irlen Syndrome, and alleviate symptoms in those that suffer from this difficulty. We want you to be able to see real stories, and learn about how the Irlen Method has helped a wide variety of populations.


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