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Irlen Syndrome often results in SENSITIVITY to particular colors
Are you SENSITIVE TO COLOR? Do you feel CALM looking at a particular one? Do you HATE some bright, FLUORSECENT colors? Do some colors HURT your eyes? Do you argue about particular SHADES of color as to what they are? Do some PASTEL colors look washed out/white? If your answer is ‘YES’ to any of these questions you may have IRLEN SYNDROME. This is a visual processing difficulty, so nothing to do with whether you need prescription glasses or not.
Mar. 15, 2019

16 year old has lost confidence and has low self-esteem due to undiagnosed Irlen Syndrome
Imagine being told by teachers/counselors you are LAZY, you need to TRY HARDER and you will be put in SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASSES. All because undiagnosed and untreated IRLEN SYNDROME makes WORDS DISAPPEAR, NUMBERS SHAKE and MUSICAL NOTES CHANGE into other ones – and no one believes you when you tell them what is happening!
Feb. 28, 2019

Reasons why those with Irlen glasses need to have a YEARLY COLOR CHECK
Why do you need a YEARLY CHECK of your Irlen colored glasses? To make sure that you have the BEST BRAIN possible!

Tabitha is 20 years old and came to the Krist Irlen Clinic Houston/Galveston for her yearly Filter check.

Just as you would check yearly if an optical prescription has changed, you need to check your Irlen color prescription yearly. Body changes such as growth hormones, illness or being on a different medication change the chemical balance of the brain and so can change your optimum color. Tints in Irlen glasses, just like any other tints, can also change with time with exposure to the sun.

A LITTLE change in color can actually make a BIG difference to someone with Irlen Syndrome.
Feb. 15, 2019

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Hey Julie I just wanted to let you know how my son has been doing with his Irlen lenses! He has gone 2 whole weeks to school without a single headache, no nausea, and no vomiting. That is after 3 months of him with all those symptoms every day at school! He is also able to sit and complete his work in class. Just wanted to let you know what a big impact the glasses have had for him, and in turn me. Thanks so much

Mom of 8 year old boy

Welcome to the Irlen Clinic at the Krist Samaritan Center, Houston! Our mission is to spread awareness of Irlen Syndrome, and alleviate symptoms in those that suffer from this difficulty. We want you to be able to see real stories, and learn about how the Irlen Method has helped a wide variety of populations.


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